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Meet Bobby & Shy

Your Certified Credit Specialist and Dynamite husband & wife Co-Founders.

Fun Fact: This picture may be perfect but our credit wasn't!  We had to transform our way of thinking and how we spent our money. We had to protect our names & identity. So we got educated, learned the law of the land and want to share it with you.  We're just ordinary people that used legal and responsible education and tools to get a better credit score for ourselves and many other clients. Since then we've bought our first home, new cars, better credit cards with better interest rates and most importantly a peace of mind!  We aim to work with elite, focused individuals on obtaining their short and long term credit goals.   


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                                   Meet the founders of S&B Associates LLC Bobby & Shy

                                   Meet the founders of S&B Associates LLC Bobby & Shy

“Goals are only goals until you take the steps to achieve them. Then they become your reality!”

-Bobby Morelli

We're a small team working on your behalf to get the job done!